Our Approach

Having focused on Roll Compaction and Milling, since the company started in the 1930's, means we have installations around the world from which we have gained extensive experience and accumulated knowledge.

Our in-depth process capabilities, world-class GMP designs and engineering skills ensure we supply equipment that meets the highest of expectations.


We offer more than just machines. We help design the ideal system to suit your specific needs. 

On delivery of your new machine you will receive unparalleled technical support, training and customer service.



Global yet Local

We have customers around the world and are proud to work with some of the leading household brand names.

Our Head Office and Test Plant labs are located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

We are supported around the world by regional offices and a global network of Agents and Distributors, which means we can support you wherever you are in the world.

With such a network of highly skilled people, we can ensure you make the right investment that suits your needs.

Our testing facilities and fleet of rental units around the world are utilized to establish the compatibility of your powders for processing and give you confidence in your purchasing decisions.


Our History

We are the original FitzMill and Chilsonator company.


For over 80 years the Fitzpatrick Company has built a world renowned reputation based on technological evolution in both design and manufacture. 

In 2011, Fitzpatrick joined the group of IDEX companies that form the IDEX Material Processing Technologies (IDEX MPT) division, which includes:

Being part of a large corporation provides us with secure financial stability and a continued ability to focus on our customers.