Production, Mid-Size / Pilot-Scale Milling

Combining multiple powder processing solutions.

Two powder processing and size reduction platforms providing manufacturers with a range of milling options. 

The SDx™ Series is one of the world's most advanced powder milling & screening platforms offering a wide range of material sizing and processing solutions.


SDx™ Series

SDx™ Series

Production / Mid-Size Milling & Screening Platforms

Multiple size reduction options in one easy-to-use platform.

A collaboration between the Fitzpatrick Company and Quadro Engineering Corp, the SDx™ Series, is our next-generation production, mid-size / pilot-scale powder processing platform - with conical milling, security screening, and hammer milling capabilities.

The production-scale SDx affords the ability to easily transfer between Quadro® Comil® conical milling, FlexSift security screening, and Fitzpatrick hammer milling.

Thanks to SMARTdetect™ technology, head recognition and RPM range adjustments are made automatically, enabling you to change heads in seconds, improving production efficiency.

The mid-size SDx™ Series is one of the world’s most advanced 'multi head' milling and screening platforms providing a range of distinct powder processing solutions on a single, common drive - including Quadro® Comil® conical milling and FlexSift security screening technologies.

The Range

Production-Scale Milling & Screening

Production-Scale SDx™ Series

Conical milling, delumping, security screening & hammer milling.

The SDx Series affords manufacturers the ability to easily transfer between production-scale Quadro®Comil®, FlexSift security screening, and Fitzpatrick hammer milling

Thanks to SMARTdetect™ technology, head recognition and RPM range adjustments are made automatically, which means heads can be changed in seconds, improving efficiency. 

Rest assured, that with the SDx Series, results achieved with your current equipment will be enhanced.

Offering the best value for your processing investment – three functionalities on one platform, providing the lowest long-term cost of ownership when compared to the purchase of individual units.

Read more about the Production-Scale SDx™ Series
on the Quadro Engineering website.

Pilot-Scale / Mid-Size Milling & Screening

Mid-Size SDx™ Series

Effective, reliable, and efficient powder processing technology with scalable results.

The Mid-size SDx™ Series is the next phase of our cutting-edge powder processing and size reduction solutions.

Our mid-sized milling and screening platform offers two pilot-scale processing solutions on a single, common drive.

Flexible and easy to migrate from the lab, this model of the SDx™ Series provides the easiest path from research & development through to full production - sitting between the SLS - Scalable Lab System™ and the SDx™ Series production-scale powder milling & screening platforms. 

Features at a glance
  • Greaseless gearbox.
  • High-efficiency screen options.
  • CIP improvements.
  • Best-in-class functionality with 40%–50% 
    more capacity vs. like technologies.

Read more about the Mid-Size SDx™ on the Quadro                                   Engineering website.

In detail

SDx™ Series - Production, Mid-Size / Pilot-Scale Milling Platforms

Here are just some of the SDx™ Series platform options with a range of milling solutions.

In addition to meeting the requirements of cGMP, we want to ensure that the machines we develop are well-designed and safe for the User, so we follow a variety of industry-specific directives.

We offer a complete selection of ATEX and UKEX certified mills that meet the European Union directives and UK Safety Regulations for products used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Our equipment is designed to handle the toughest milling applications, which is why professionals around the world choose Fitzpatrick. With models specifically designed to meet Ex Zone 0,20 (1GD)  or 1/21 (2GD) requirements, we provide the most comprehensively safe mills in the industry.


ATEX compliant milling equipment

All equipment destined for Europe is CE-marked and UKCA-marked for Great Britain. It comes with an EU or UK Declaration of Conformity or Declaration of Incorporation. European equipment is certified to comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU. British equipment is certified to comply with the 2008 Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations, 2016 Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation, and the 2016 Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres regulations.

Our equipment is designed to meet a variety of international safety standards, ensuring that whichever country you are in, we can certify compliance.





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