Hammer Milling for Food Manufacturing

Fitzpatrick is a worldwide leader providing superior milling equipment for particle size reduction.

Your Challenges

We understand that milling of spices can be difficult as fat content and product delicacy can cause screen blinding and product degradation.

Reliably sizing particles is vital so that they either dissolve in the next processing step or are small enough to pass through the process pipelines.

Our Experience

We have many decades of experience in a variety of foodstuffs industries.

Our equipment is well-known for being successful in handling spices and dairy products.


How we can help

Our screens and rotors are designed to accommodate challenging ingredients.  Reducing product damage and improving yields.

We help our customers to determine the correct particle sizes that will improve your manufacturing processes and achieve high quality products.

Our Approach

We offer industry leading milling equipment and our knowledge has been built over decades.

We take a consultancy approach to design the right system that suits your particular process needs.


Our Range of Hammer Milling Equipment for Food Manufacturers

We offer manufacturers of food products, a range of proven solutions that provide top-quality, reliable, and repeatable results in:

Roller Compaction

Fitzpatrick specializes in designing world-class Roll Compactors.



Fitzpatrick specializes in designing Hammer Mills for precision particle size reduction.


Our Approach

We work with our customers to ensure we supply the ideal solution to benefit their business.

When investing in our hammer milling equipment you get more than superbly crafted machinery, you also gain access to our experienced Fitzpatrick team who will help you to get the best from your system for years to come.