Roller Compaction in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Fitzpatrick is a worldwide leader providing superior equipment for dry granulation processing.

Your Challenges

We understand that all materials have unique characteristics that affect their handling ability.

The variables of flowability, hardness, friability & moisture content all affect the ability to process powders efficiently.

Our Experience

We have many decades of experience in all drug therapy areas.

Our equipment is particularly well-known for being able to successfully process antibiotics, analgesics and coronary drugs.


How we can help

Conditioning a powder correctly results in improved production up-time and product quality

Fitzpatrick Roll Compactors are configured to achieve the correct compact uniformity and density.

Our Approach

We offer industry leading equipment and our knowledge has been built over decades.

We take a consultancy approach to not only determine the right system but also to validate if your powder is suitable for roll compaction.


Our Range of Roller Compaction Equipment

We offer solutions that provide top-quality, reliable and repeatable results in:

Roller Compaction

Fitzpatrick specializes in designing world-class Roll Compactors.



Fitzpatrick specializes in designing Hammer Mills for precision particle size reduction.


Our Approach

We work with our customers to ensure we supply the ideal solution to benefit their business.

When investing in our equipment you get more than superbly crafted machinery, you also gain access to our experienced Fitzpatrick team who will help you to get the best from your system for years to come.