Roller Compaction For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Fitzpatrick is a worldwide leader in providing superior roller compaction equipment for pharmaceutical dry granulation processing.


Discover how we support pharma dry granulation.


Pharmaceutical Dry Granulation

Fitzpatrick understands and appreciates that all pharmaceutical materials have unique characteristics that affect their handling ability.

The variables of flowability, hardness, friability and moisture content all affect the ability to process powders efficiently.

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products utilize dry granulation to granulate challenging and poor-flowing materials characterized as being moisture and / or heat-sensitive.  This process enables them to form granules without the addition of a liquid solution. 




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Pharma Industry Expertise

Conditioning powders correctly results in improved production up-time and superior product quality.

Fitzpatrick roller compactors are designed to fulfill a multitude of pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements ranging from lab-scale to high containment full-scale production. Our equipment supports compaction of all types of powders and can be configured to achieve the desired compact uniformity / density.

Fitzpatrick roller compactors offer a truly scalable equipment growth path.  As customers progress from research & development all the way through to full production, results obtained on smaller models are fully transferable to larger systems.

With an international network of test labs, field-based service & application technicians, as well as decades of testing and production experience with many formulations, Fitzpatrick is well-versed in what is necessary in order to provide effective pre /post-Sales support to our customers around the world.


In-Depth Application Knowledge

Fitzpatrick has many decades of experience in all areas of drug therapy as well as pharmaceutical products, and has provided dry granulation systems for many leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

Our patented dry granulation processing equipment specifically designed for pharmaceuticals, is renowned for being able to successfully process a range of products including antibiotics, analgesics, and coronary drugs.


Roller Compaction Technology For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Fitzpatrick offers a proven range of leading roller compaction equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our knowledge of dry granulation systems has been achieved as a result of many decades of experience serving this industry, setting the standard for dry granulation solutions.

The Fitzpatrick Team adopts a consultancy approach in our efforts to not only identify the right system for your application, but also to validate that your powders are best-suited for the roller compaction process.

This methodology ensures that you benefit long-term as it relates to the fulfillment of your processing requirements.

Fitzpatrick CCS Roll Compactor for Pharma
Selecting a pharmaceutical roller compactor

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Dry Granulation Machines For Pharmaceuticals

Fitzpatrick offers a complete range of proven dry granulation solutions for pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing.  Our equipment is trusted to reliably deliver top-quality, precise, and repeatable results.

Our decades of experience and understanding of OSD / API manufacturing ensures that all Fitzpatrick’s roller compactors are designed and built to the highest standards, as required by the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Pharmaceutical Roller Compaction
Fitzpatrick specializes in designing world-class premium roller compactors and dry granulation systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Pharmaceutical Milling
Fitzpatrick specializes in designing hammer milling machines for grinding solid and hard granules used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
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