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The Best Way to Optimize Your Dry Granulation Process

The Fitzpatrick Company has built a world-renowned reputation as an industry leader in precision particle size reduction and dry granulation since its foundation in the 1930s.

Dry granulation technology

With our FitzMill and CCS range of Roll Compactors, we have become trusted partners of the world’s top pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, and food ingredient processing manufacturers, providing superior equipment that is designed and engineered expressly to meet their specific process application requirements. Our roller compactors offer superior density and particle size control, transforming the material into uniform granules, whilst our milling equipment is recognized globally as an industry-leading technology in particle size reduction and control.

CCS320 Roll Compactor


Helping manufacturers optimize the dry granulation process

Our innovative Particle Processing Technology was recently featured at VirtualPharmaExpo2020, the first ever Live Virtual Trade Show for the Pharma Industry.

Click below to watch the presentation by Mr. Scott Wennerstrum, Technical Director of The Fitzpatrick Company.



We are also looking forward to supporting the following upcoming webinars hosted by Techceuticals:

Friability, Chipping, & Flash- June 25, 2020

Weight & Content Uniformity - July 9, 2020

The CCS Series of Roller Compactors

Fitzpatrick’s CCS Series of roll compactors are fully contained and scalable from lab to production. For instantaneous, continuous compacting of powders, you need to look no further for a complete range of roller compactors to fulfill your application requirements.

Discover for yourself why the range of CCS Roll Compactors from Fitzpatrick has become the equipment of choice for powder processing companies around the globe and could be the solution to your dry granulation needs by downloading the CCS Roller Compaction brochure below.

Articles and guides providing Roller Compaction & Milling Equipment are also available to read on the Fitzpatrick blog.

The CCS Roller Compactor

To discuss the CCS Roller Compactor with a member of the Fitzpatrick team or to ask a question about any of our equipment, please contact us via the general request form on our website.

Download the Brochure CCS Roll Compaction Brochure  High Containment Roller Compaction Precise, clean, fast
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