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Roll Compaction Systems Configured for Precision Powder Processing

If Dry Granulation is one of the most lean, efficient methods for creating the appropriate powder characteristics for pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing, then the last thing anyone would want to do is complicate the final step of milling the compressed compact.

Fitzpatrick roller compactors, which are also known as Chilsonators, have the most flexible, yet simple to operate, milling options.

Our roll compaction systems can be configured using two distinct styles of mill (knife/hammer or bar rotors), three types of screen (round hole, rasp, or Conidur screens), with a variety of different hole sizes. For Operators, these offer numerous combinations which can be selected to deliver optimization of individual projects depending on the ribbon properties and granule requirements or used to process many different powders on the same machine.

All Fitzpatrick mill set-ups are precise, simple, robust, and eliminate human-operator error by design.

Precise – no adjustments to the screen or rotor is necessary. The screen snaps into place with a fixed gap. This is designed to be an optimum fixed gap to minimize fines and ensure there is never any metal-to-metal contact, which would contaminate the product.

Simple – the rotor bolts onto the spindle and the screen clamps into its cradle. The only moving part is the rotor. This is the essence of Lean design. There are no unnecessary parts or automation needed to achieve the best results.

Robust – Operators have a choice of round hole, rasp or Conidur™ screens. These are much stronger than mesh screens, as they are created from holes punched into sheet steel. This eliminates the possibility of wires distorting or breaking when used with a bar or oscillating type rotor. There is a place for mesh screens as they can be installed to increase capacity where appropriate, but they require more care to ensure safe operation.

Error-free – no screen gap adjustment means no screen gap error. Simply start up and manufacture – there’s no fiddling and adjusting to be done.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we help our customers to set up Lean pharmaceutical manufacturing systems then please do give us a call.

In the meantime, our explainer video demonstrates how our roll compactors operate.


Download the Brochure CCS Roll Compaction Brochure  High Containment Roller Compaction Precise, clean, fast
Posted by Matt Baumber


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