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LEAN Manufacturing With Roller Compaction

When making the decision to purchase new equipment for your powder processing needs, be certain you have all the necessary information to make a qualified decision about which equipment is best suited to your application requirements.

The Fitzpatrick Company and Quadro Engineering Corp. together, have a combined 125+ years of processing experience and are widely considered to be the industry leaders in particle processing technology.

Size Reduction Fundamentals & Lean Manufacturing With Roll Compaction

Having earned the respect of customers worldwide, they were recently invited to present at a 2-day “Formulation Design & Troubleshooting” training course by the Center For Professional Advancement. The training took place on November 2 – 3, at the Techceuticals Facility in Cleveland, OH.

Techceuticals offer complete services for solid dosage manufacturing companies including equipment selection recommendations, as well as training programs for the entire manufacturing team. They provide these services to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and dietary supplement industries and are considered a primary training resource for solid dose manufacturing, tablet compression, encapsulating, and film coating.Scott_Fitz

With a focus on size reduction and dry granulation, our very own Scott Wennerstrum was asked to give not one, but two presentations as follows:

  • “Size Reduction Fundamentals”
  • “LEAN Manufacturing With Roll Compaction”

The presentations were followed up with small group demonstrations (4 - 5 participants each), for a “hands-on” experience.

Demonstrating Powder Processing Equipment Expertise

Fitz lean powder processing machines

Size Reduction / Milling

Fitzpatrick & Quadro’s innovative size reduction and milling technology combine multiple powder processing solutions on single common drive. Results obtained on lab-scale equipment can be duplicated with full-scale production models.

Dry Granulation / Roll Compaction

Dry granulation is the most LEAN and efficient means of conditioning powders. Compared to wet granulation, it utilizes minimal equipment/processing steps and is unlikely to damage ingredients. Fitzpatrick’s roll compaction product lines range from benchtop to full-scale production models. As is the case with their milling equipment, results achieved on the benchtop models are comparable to those obtained on production-scale machines.

Fitzpatrick and Quadro Overview

With over 40,000 equipment installations worldwide, discover what underscores Fitzpatrick & Quadro’s reputation for supplying high-quality powder processing equipment solutions. Trust us to fulfill your specific powder processing application requirements. Learn more, visit Fitzpatrick and Quadro.

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