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Benchtop Dry Granulation System With Production-Scale Capability

Manufactured with Fitzpatrick’s high-precision, twin feed screw system, the LCS – Lab Compaction System is ideal for proof-of-concept work or for smallest volume production, yet processes powders by employing the same mechanism as that used on larger production-scale systems. Very small quantities can be tested when the material is scarce; however, the LCS can also run small batches for clinical trials or product testing.

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The roll mechanism - a twin feed screw and 20 kN/cm roll force, matches that utilized for both pilot & production-scale models and therefore, produces comparable compact/ribbon. The 20 kN/cm roll force is equivalent to production-scale systems and matches the requirement for most pharmaceutical blends.

Optimizing Roller Compaction Requirements

The LCS – Lab Compaction System specifications improve upon the capabilities of existing market offerings to introduce a system more comparable to production-scale machines.

The twin feed screw configuration limits the minimum powder quantity but affords advantages for compaction optimization. This capability ensures your development projects can progress to production with confidence. The LCS matches the pressure levels needed for research on pharmaceutical dry granulation applications. Rest assured that with the LCS you will be reliably testing whether the materials are suitable for dry granulation, rather than receiving a false negative because limitations of other manufacturers equipment lead to the conclusion the material is not suitable for dry granulation when in fact, it is, and the problem is the machine, not the powder.


The LCS – Lab Compaction System is truly a benchtop model, but still produces results that are comparable to those achieved on larger production-scale models.

The Unit features touchpad control of all independent feed and compaction variables.

This mini version of a production-scale roller compaction system is used for development work and to assess the suitability of a blend for production-scale dry granulation.

Features of the LCS:

  • Feed System – twin feed screw system, replicating that adopted for Fitzpatrick production-scale systems.
  • Rolls - two, cantilever, surface changeable, rolls side-by-side, equivalent to those for Fitzpatrick production-scale systems.
  • Roll Styles – currently 2 roll styles available – serrated and smooth. Currently investigating additional options.
  • You can be confident that what you witness in the lab can be scaled up through pilot, and on to production-scale models.
  • Easy-To-Use Parameter Settings

Fitzpatrick Lab Compaction System

LCS – the right choice for Scalable Benchtop Dry Granulation

Problems encountered with other models currently available on the market include:
  • Limited pressure capability – below that which is usually required for most pharmaceutical blends.
  • Not really benchtop systems - size prohibits them from fitting on most lab benchtops.
  • Excessive weight does not enable them to be easily lifted onto most lab benchtops.

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