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Roller Compactor for Smallest Volume R&D and Trial Batch Production

As a direct result of extensive customer research over the past several years, The Fitzpatrick Company is now pleased to introduce the LCS – Lab Compaction System, a low-volume benchtop model for R&D and trial batch dry granulation production.

The LCS is perfect for handling smaller volumes of powder, whether that be for proof-of-concept or for smallest volume production. It has been tested down to 10g of test material having a moderate bulk density. However, should the bulk density be lower, the volume achieved will likewise be even lower.

The LCS Features & Benefits

  • Truly a benchtop model that can handle capacities of up to 6 kg/hr.
  • Will work well for installations wanting to use it as their production machine, provided the batch sizes are especially small.
  • Can be used to produce small batches for product testing or clinical trials.
  • LCS funnel works well for small volume production & small sample sizes.
  • The compact produced can be easily replicated on a production-scale model.
  • Ideal for producing highly potent drugs and owing to its size can easily be configured within a containment system.
  • Manufactured with Fitzpatrick’s high-precision, twin feed screw system – processes powders using the same mechanism as larger production-scale systems.
  • Ensures development projects can progress to production with confidence.
  • Available 20 kN/cm roll force is equivalent to production-scale systems & matches the requirement for most pharmaceutical blends.
  • Features touchpad control of all independent feed & compaction variables.


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Overview of Fitzpatrick's Roller Compaction Range

For over 80 years, The Fitzpatrick Company has consistently achieved powder processing innovation excellence. They have designed, manufactured, and supplied the CCS & IR range of roller compactors, in addition to FitzMill™ milling equipment & hammer mills, to the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food sectors - worldwide.

They continually invest in customer-driven innovative solutions and provide long-term global support via their highly technical customer service and spare parts network.

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Posted by Helen Desmeules


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